Interview: Elle Marsh Talks ‘Vacant’ and Melbourne’s Urban Sprawl

If you’re flying into Melbourne for this year’s Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, you should know that when you land at Melbourne Airport you’ll be in the presence of greatness. The star of director Elle Marsh’s “Vacant” sits coolly 24/7 taking in the sights, welcoming Melburnians home by helping them get lost, making tiny jet-lagged children Continue Reading

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Interview: The Differences that Unite Us Cecilia Rumore on ‘Abdullah’

Cecilia Rumore’s first documentary “Abdullah” is perhaps the perfect collision of passions. A social worker by day and an avid world traveler, Rumore has always been interested in the social justice issues affecting those from developing countries. In addition, Rumore has always been passionate about film and photography, thus, last year she finally decided to act Continue Reading

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Interview: Breaking Stereotypes with ‘Georgina’ Director Sandra Veneklaas

“Georgina” is a short documentary directed by Sandra Veneklaas that seeks to challenge your preconceptions of those working in the adult entertainment industry. In this captivating eleven minute short film, screening July 11th at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, audiences are introduced to ‘Georgina,’ an exotic dancer, who shares the story of how she became Continue Reading

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Interview: ‘Roarhouse v The State’ and the Value of Community Arts with Marjetka McMahon-Krizanic

One of the great mockumentaries screening at this year’s Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is “Roarhouse v The State” directed by Marjetka McMahon-Krizanic and David de Roach. When watching a mockumentary one usually expects to laugh, and “Roarhouse” certainly delivers on these comedic elements, yet what one doesn’t always expect from a mockumentary is to be Continue Reading

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Alexandra Sasse

Interview: Alexandra Sassé on Art and the Making of ‘Painting Landscape’

Screening July 9th at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, “Painting Landscape” is a four minute documentary that brings audiences into the daily routine of artist Alexandra Sassé as she works on a painting of suburban Melbourne over the course of ten months. Directed by Zac Hodgkinson, the film seeks to show artistic creation as a part of Continue Reading

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Interview: An Inside Look at the Making of ‘Sustainable’ with Matt Wechsler and Annie Speicher

When one thinks of a large metropolitan city, sustainable farming likely isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. But it should be. Chicago-based filmmakers Matt Wechsler and Annie Speicher’s first feature documentary “Sustainable” is a passionate look at the American food system through the eyes of farmers, chefs, and sustainable farming advocates Continue Reading

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Interview: Em Baker on Cycling Across America in ‘SPOKE’

In 2012, Melbourne native Em Baker, who was then living in San Francisco, accompanied by friends Nick Navarro and Lauren Gardner strapped GoPros to their heads, climbed onto their heavily loaded bikes, and began the slow pedal out of the City by the Bay on a 3,000+ mile journey to Orlando, Florida, which in no Continue Reading

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Interview: Bertie Plaatsman on the Making and Stories of ‘Building One’

The places we spend time stay with us long after we’ve left. The schools we’ve attended. The houses we’ve lived. The places we’ve worked. Where we’ve had fun. Where we’ve been sick. Where we met who. And where we were when. “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us,” Winston Churchill famously said Continue Reading

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Interview: Karen Collins on the Making of ‘Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound’

Making its Asia-Pacific premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on July 10th, “Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound” is a magnificent exploration of video game sound design featuring over 80 interviews with some of the most well known and influential game audio professionals from around the world. While we all recognize how important Continue Reading

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'Picking Up the Pieces'

Interview: Director Joshua Tebeau Talks ‘Picking Up the Pieces’

“Picking Up the Pieces” is a short documentary that seeks to answer one very big question: “How do you live after surviving the Holocaust?” Directed, written, and produced by Joshua Tebeau, “Picking Up the Pieces” features interviews with 9 Child Survivors who share their haunting early histories and powerful stories and lessons on rebuilding life Continue Reading

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