Revelation Perth International Film Festival: COUCHED – Three Docs to Watch

Western Australia’s celebrated Revelation Perth International Film Festival is underway until July 19th with COUCHED, an online version of the fest featuring a spectacular assortment of films and documentaries from Australia and around the world you can stream comfortably from home. There are so many unique and wonderful feature documentaries to choose from this year. Continue Reading

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"Man on the Bus"

Review: ‘Man on the Bus’

In “Man on the Bus” director Eve Ash beautifully weaves together the complicated history of her family into a compelling narrative that is both emotionally absorbing and impactful. Viewers who have discovered long-lost loved ones or family members they never know existed will be particularly moved by the secrets and discoveries Ash uncovers. Perhaps that’s Continue Reading

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"The Pickup Game"

Review: ‘The Pickup Game’

Filmmakers Matthew and Barnaby O’Connor have an interesting film on their hands with “The Pickup Game.” For starters, it will open your eyes to a controversial industry you might know very little about. On the other hand, it has subjects who behave so cringeworthily you might develop secondhand embarrassment while simultaneously being appalled while watching Continue Reading

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"The Walrus and the Whistleblower"

Review: ‘The Walrus and the Whistleblower’

To describe “The Walrus and the Whistleblower” in three sentences: It’s upsetting. It’s important. It will leave you wanting answers. In her first feature documentary, Nathalie Bibeau’s “The Walrus and the Whistleblower” documents the journey of former Marineland trainer Phil Demers on his mission to expose the park for alleged animal abuse and to save Continue Reading

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"The Boys Who Said NO!"

Review: ‘The Boys Who Said NO!’

Some films are too important not to see. “The Boys Who Said NO!” is one of those films. Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Judith Ehrlich, “The Boys Who Said NO!” is the first documentary to tell the story of nonviolent resistors who openly opposed the military draft during the Vietnam War. Seven years in the making, Continue Reading

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"This Film Should Not Exist"

Review: ‘This Film Should Not Exist’

Anyone who has ever been a fan of a band, no matter the genre, will appreciate the dedication filmmakers Gisella Albertini, Massimo Scocca, and Nicolas Drolc took to capture the essence of a time integral to one band’s career. Anyone who has ever been a fan of the Country Teasers, however, will be especially captivated Continue Reading

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"More than a Mile"

Interview: Alex Michael on the Making of ‘More than a Mile’

The Beer Mile World Classic isn’t an event for those with weak-will or an easily upset stomach. ‘Four beers, four laps, for the helluva it!’ It is the ‘World’s Premier Drinking Race’ and it is far from easy. Directed by Alex Michael, “More than a Mile” follows the journey of elite athlete Charlie Blanch over Continue Reading

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Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

11 Features to See at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2020

The 2020 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is set to begin June 30th. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, documentary fans will have the chance to take part in a special virtual screening of the films from home this year. As always, the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival excels at selecting a diverse array of documentaries that Continue Reading

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"The World's Best Film"

Review: ‘The World’s Best Film’

Directed by Joshua Belinfante, “The World’s Best Film” is an engrossing journey about what it means to be the best and whether one can actually be the best at anything. When a 1 kilogram tumor was found between his heart and lungs in 2014, Belinfante, facing his own mortality, began to re-examine his approach to Continue Reading

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