5 Must-See Features: Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2018

The 2018 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is fast approaching (July 6 – 14th) and with that comes decisions—what to see! Here are 5 picks to add to your doc loving itinerary. “Big in Japan”  What does it take to become famous? Directed by Lachlan McLeod “Big in Japan” will win your heart through its examination Continue Reading

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Review: ‘Warehoused’

To coincide with World Refugee Day, we look at “Warehoused” directed by Asher Emmanuel and Vincent Vittorio premiering globally with free screenings around the world today (June 20th). “Warehoused” takes audiences to Dadaab, Kenya–home to the world’s largest refugee camp and, as of April 2017, approximately 250,000 registered refugees. Seeking to educate on the conditions Continue Reading

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"The Art of Recovery"

Review: ‘The Art of Recovery’

The rebuilding of a city begins first with the reviving of its spirit. Directed by Peter Young and produced by Tracy Roe, “The Art of Recovery” chronicles the period following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake when creative entrepreneurs and artists injected new energy into the heart of the city quieted by destruction. A personal film for Continue Reading

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Mind Landscape

Review: ‘Mind Landscape’

Directed by Niu Zi, “Mind Landscape” takes viewers on a reflective journey through remote areas of Tibet following photographer Yang Yankang as he captures the heart and beauty of a people and region few will ever have the privilege of seeing in person. The film is a compelling visual experience. There is no dialogue except for a Continue Reading

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Review: ‘Atlantic’

“There’s nothing as bad as seeing your community dying,” says Charlie Kane, a Newfoundland fisherman featured in the award-winning documentary “Atlantic” by Irish filmmaker Risteard Ó Domhnaill (Richie O’Donnell). The film, which makes its New Zealand premiere October 29th at the Arohanui Film Festival, is a sobering look at how the mismanagement of natural resources Continue Reading

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Spirit of the Ancestors

Review: ‘Spirit of the Ancestors’

“Spirit of the Ancestors” is the eye-opening personal journey of one family’s attempt to restore ‘Mana’ (welfare) to their Easter Island village by finding and bringing home the spirit of the Moai Hoa Haka Nanaʻia, a sacred statue said to contain the spiritual energy of their ancestors, taken by British sailors from their community more Continue Reading

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