To commemorate the centenary of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising, RTÉ has made available to international audiences a collection of free documentaries and programs about the historic rebellion that helped lead to the establishment of the Irish Free State.

You can see the current programs here or download the RTÉ Player International app and watch them on your mobile device. Most are quite short. The “Every County Has A Story” series, for instance, aims to show how each of Ireland’s 32 counties has a personal connection to the Easter Rising in individual films each about a minute in length.

If you’re new to Irish history and are looking at the list of programs and don’t know where to start, “Life Before the Rising” is a more traditional short documentary that provides an historical overview of the time period and would make an excellent place to begin.

You can also check out some of the other free programs RTÉ has available on their Doc Hub.

New programs are added to the collections regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for new shows and films.