Music documentaries are a great way to discover emerging artists.

In “Angel.'” directed by Charlotte White, the songwriting process of Melbourne-based musician Indy Angel is explored and the effect of creative expression through music to help heal after trauma revealed.

Affectionately filmed, the 11-minute short opens with Angel’s parents discussing what the singer was like growing up. Angel then appears on-screen and discusses her musical upbringing alongside a few clips of her singing as a child. Within the first minute, the personal nature of the film is established and a down-to-earth connection to the viewer begins to develop.

Viewers will be charmed by the film’s introspective approach and will likely be able to relate to some of the stories Angel shares, including the inner conflict she experienced as a young adult when trying to decide between continuing her university studies or following her dreams of becoming a professional musician.

The second half of the film focuses on the impact a relationship with someone experiencing substance abuse and mental health issues had on Angel and how she turned deeper to her songwriting as a way to therapeutically express her pain following their breakup.

Her story and the emotions she expresses in the song (‘Move On’), which she wrote about the experience, will resonate with many and perhaps even help validate their own feelings or lend a sense of empathy to their situation knowing they’re not alone in the pain they’re experiencing.

Intimate and empowering, “Angel.” will move you with the vulnerability shown by its subject and remind you that in the depths of hard things being true to yourself and listening to your heart is always the best way forward.

See “Angel.” streaming online from October 1st-31st at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival during Shorts Session 6. For more information on how to stream the film, visit: