The 2016 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival came to a close last night. Here are the documentaries that received category awards:

  • Supreme Jury Prize: “A Billion Lives” directed by Aaron Biebert
  • Best Director: Aaron Biebert for “A Billion Lives”
  • Best Australian Documentary: “The Coffee Man” directed by Jeff Hann
  • Best Australian Short Documentary: “You Better Take Cover” directed by Harry Hayes
  • Best Music Documentary: “Todd Who?” directed by Gavin Bond and Ian Abercromby
  • Best International Documentary: “Goodnight Brooklyn – The Story of Death by Audio” directed by Matt Conboy
  • Best International Short Documentary: “Waterlilies” directed by Tanya Doyle
  • Wildcard Award: “Coalville Gold” directed by Ross Bolidai and “chUrchroad/Weg van de Kerk” directed by Robin Vogel
  • Best Comedy / Best Mockumentary: “VIVA LA VINCENT” directed by Ashleigh Nicolau
  • Best Health / Environmental Documentary: “Sustainable” directed by Matt Wechsler and “Plastic in my Water” directed by Allard Faas
  • Best Avant-Garde / Innovation Award: “Bullied to Death” directed by Giovanni Coda
  • Best Victorian Feature / Short: “Inside Fighter” directed by Nick Barkla
  • Best Indigenous Feature / Short: “The Drover’s Boy” directed by Margaret McHugh
  • Best Art Documentary: “Andre Villers – A Lifetime in Images” directed by Marketa Tomanova
  • Audience Choice Award: “SPOKE” directed by Em Baker
  • Best Cinematography: “Sustainable” directed/filmed by Matt Wechsler
  • Best Editing: “Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound” directed/edited by Karen Collins