The 2018 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is fast approaching (July 6 – 14th) and with that comes decisions—what to see! Here are 5 picks to add to your doc loving itinerary.

“Big in Japan” 

What does it take to become famous? Directed by Lachlan McLeod “Big in Japan” will win your heart through its examination of fame and the lengths one ordinary Aussie, David Elliot-Jones, is willing to go to achieve celebrity status. Full of charm, humor and insight into the unique world of foreign fame in Japan, this 95 minute doco will leave you smiling and asking what would you do for a bit of recognition? Screening 7 July – Tickets

“Fish Out of Water”

Inspiring and beautifully cinematic, “Fish Out of Water” directed by Israel Cannan calls to the inner adventurer in each of us to be courageous, step out and journey our dreams. The film follows two men, who have never rowed before, on their quest to row from New York to England in a refurbished wooden boat. From the planning stages to the choppy waters of the North Atlantic, “Fish Out of Water” is one to see for heart-lift and motivation to live life to the fullest. Screening 14 July – Tickets

“Fish Out of Water”

“Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story”

From Michael McIntyre and Kate McIntyre Clere, “Kangaroo” is an important film exploring Australia’s conflicted relationship with its iconic national animal. Evocative and informative the film shares the history and perspectives of those who view kangaroos as a pest and those who seek to protect them from being hunted. While viewers may find some scenes graphic and difficult to watch, “Kangaroo” is a powerful film for anyone who wishes to better understand the history and controversial issues surrounding the species. Screening 11 July – Tickets

“Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story”

“Anjelica Huston on James Joyce: A Shout in the Street”

The complex life of the Irish writer is revealed in this engaging hour-long film directed by Kieron J. Walsh and narrated by Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston. Edifying and illuminative, Joyce’s work is discussed by contemporary writers such as Colm Tóibín and Edna O’Brien and others whom Joyce’s writing has had a profound impact. Fans of literature will want to check this one out not simply to learn more about Joyce’s background but for a critical examination of some of his finest prose. Screening 6 July – Tickets

“Turn it Up, Finding Sydney’s Sound”

How does live music change the energy of a city? Filmmakers Nathan Richman and Samantha Holder explore the evolution of Sydney’s live music scene and the value live music brings to community in “Turn it Up, Finding Sydney’s Sound,” a must-see for anyone who appreciates live music or even those who may not realize the significance of having performance venues and the impact a single concert can have on the soul. Screening 14 July – Tickets

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