If you’re a fan of short documentaries, you’ll be thrilled with the lineup of shorts headed to the 2018 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. The festival kicks off next week July 6th and runs through the 14th. You can view all 60+ features and shorts slated to screen by visiting mdff.org.au.

Here are 5 short documentaries we think you’ll want to watch out for. . .

“I am Famous”

Taking viewers into the creative mind and space of artist/actor Tom Wilson, Ismaël Lotz’s compelling portrait of the “Back to the Future” star offers an intimate and revealing look at the man behind the character Biff Tannen and how fame from the movie has impacted Wilson’s life and perhaps something we all can empathize with—the desire to be seen as ourselves.
Screening Opening Night – Tickets

“Drummer Girl”

Sophie Hexter’s “Drummer Girl” will inspire you with the moving story of young Aussie drummer Renee Kelly, who has been completely blind since birth, as she rises against adversity to pursue her number one passion—music. Her determination and heart will elevate your spirit and empower you in 6 minutes to find what you love, be resilient, and to never give up.
Screening 8 July – Tickets

“Our Ghosts”

The sheer loveliness of “Our Ghosts” might just make you cry. In this beautiful and unforgettable short by director Hannah Ruddle, two married pensioners take viewers on a walk through the garden they’ve created and tended for years using physical pieces from their life such as their first bed frame, bicycles, and even kitchen pans. Charming animations are woven throughout the film narrated by the couple adding to its utter sense of sublimity. Pack a tissue!
Screening 8 July – Tickets

“Our Ghosts”


Harrowing “Rescate” is a stirring 13 minute window into the inspiring work of Rescate Ambar, a group of volunteer paramedics in the Dominican Republic who render aid to thousands of Dominicans injured each year in motor vehicle accidents. Powerful and extraordinarily shot, director Mark Bone’s “Rescate” brings the selfless into focus and will rouse you to see the good side of humanity. Screening 8 July – Tickets


Mia Mullarkey’s “Throwline” is an important film highlighting the issue of mental health in Kilkenny, Ireland, as a group of taxi drivers band together to form a suicide prevention group patrolling the city’s streets and bridges. Beautifully filmed, the compassionate drivers enrapture on-screen and will move you with the hope they bring when times are dark.
Screening 8 July – Tickets

For more information on the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, visit: mdff.org.au