“Micropubs – The New Local” is the first-ever feature-length documentary on the UK’s growing micropub movement and exactly the film you need to rally your spirit and encourage you to power off your phone and raise a glass with your friends and neighbors.

Directed by Syd Heather, Daniel Eycott, and James Coyne, the film is an eye-opening look at the evolution of the micropub movement, beginning with the founder Martyn Hillier who opened the first micropub ‘The Butcher’s Arms’ in Kent in 2005, and takes viewers on the inspiring journey of three entrepreneurs as they embark on their own micropub dreams.

At the heart of the micropub revolution is community.

The cozy atmosphere and spurning of technology, such as WiFi, promotes conversation and connection. These days, perhaps that’s the one thing people yearn for most. “Micropubs – The New Local” beautifully captures how important it is for people to have that space to come together in, where time slows down and people can be fully present with each other without distraction.

There’s talk in the film about micropubs being a place of camaraderie and warmth, from a filmmaking perspective it’s remarkable how evocative that comes across on screen. The whole film radiates this warm positive quality and makes it not only a transportative viewing experience but a joy to watch.

Viewers will find the stories of the three main entrepreneurs (Lucy, Trevor and Richard) relatable and empowering. They connect with ease and it’s moving to hear their motivations for wanting to become micropub owners.

The film doesn’t gloss over the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to start a business. Even a micro business has its challenges! As the film progresses, you can’t help but root for their success, not just because they’re likable people but because they’re truly passionate about building something in their communities with the purpose of bringing people together. It’s the unifying factor that without which communities are just places. When there’s somewhere to go where friendships can be made and bonds solidified, well then that place starts to feel like home.

A few years in the making, “Micropubs – The New Local” is a phenomenal watch that will leave you buzzing with inspiration. Don’t be surprised if by the end of the film you find your eyes have become bleary, not from alcohol but pride, and your heart full of happy for the dreamers taking chances and making the communities where they live joyful and the people all the more like family.

See “Micropubs – The New Local” premiering June 12th at Gulbenkian Cinema in Kent and Vimeo-On-Demand June 13th. For more information, visit: micropubdoc.com.