A photographer named Ace? A blogging Blue Heeler named Genghis Khan? Yes! And, yes!

In “Ace and the Desert Dog,” photographer Ace Kvale celebrates his 60th birthday by taking a 60-day 400 mile backpacking trip through Utah’s beautiful Canyon Country with numerous friends and his 10-year-old furry sidekick, Genghis Khan, otherwise known to his blog followers simply as Desert Dawg.

As Ace states,

Backpacking is not sexy. Climbing. Kayaking. Skiing. Those are all sexy. Backpacking—just the word sounds like suffering. Backpacking is just a way to get to awesome places. Places you couldn’t get to any other way. So you put all your gear on your back and you walk there. You can only see so much from your car. Backpacking itself is not the thing. The thing is the places you get to go.

Directed by Brendan Leonard, Stefan Hunt, and Forest Woodward and made with the support of Vasque Hiking Footwear, this touching short documentary is just as much a celebration of getting outdoors and experiencing nature, as it is about the unwavering friendship between a beloved dog and his adventurous human.

Watch “Ace and the Desert Dog” below.