In recent years there have been a number of films made documenting the work of environmental and climate activists. Many tend to showcase the youth movement and their inspiring efforts to mobilize and be heard. Yet, young people aren’t the only ones who care about saving the planet. Cue the Knitting Nannas!

Directed by Anne Keen and Pete White, “Nanna Power: The Story of the Gloucester Knitting Nannas” is a short documentary that introduces viewers to four of the tenacious women of KNAG (Knitting Nannas Against Gas) and their unwavering commitment to protecting the environment for generations to come.

The film is very much an intimate portrait of the group and features the Nannas discussing their protest activities, most notably when they joined Gloucester’s fight against AGL (Australian Gas Light Company) who had planned a fracking operation in their community. It’s not everyday you hear about a grandmother chaining her neck to a fence out of concern for the environment!

While there is some footage of the group’s activism in action, a lot of the film features the Nannas speaking to what feels like directly to the viewer. There’s a lovely warmth and familiarity to how this comes across on screen, like sitting with a spirited family member and listening to their personal reflections.

Seeing the passion and enthusiasm these women have for taking on issues and standing up to big corporations is inspirational and will empower individuals of all ages to take a stand too.

“Nanna Power: The Story of the Gloucester Knitting Nannas” will challenge who you think of when you think of environmental activists.

Activists come in all forms. They’re not simply the young but young-at-heart. They don’t necessarily yell or chant but can be just as powerful through their peaceful presence and bold yet quiet actions.

“Nanna Power” is a great reminder that every voice matters. People too often sit back and let others take care of things. However, everyone is valuable in a community. There is no age limit to caring or expressing your opinions. If you’re passionate about something, find ways to get involved.

And if you need a little kick in the backside to help get you going, watch “Nanna Power: The Story of the Gloucester Knitting Nannas” and reclaim your fighting spirit.

See “Nanna Power: The Story of the Gloucester Knitting Nannas” streaming from October 1st-31st at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival during Shorts Session 6. For more information on how to stream the film, visit:

Updated 10/04/2021